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Lunch Information for NTI Days:
We are fortunate to be able to provide lunch delivery during the upcoming school closure to every bus stop that a Whitley County Bus makes during the regular school week. A sufficient number of employees have agreed to work the routes in order for us to be able to provide this service. Lunch delivery will begin around 11:15 am on Monday and the last lunches should be delivered by 1:00 pm. We are not able to provide an exact time as this is something new that we will do during the NTI period. After Monday, we will have a better idea as to times for delivery. If your child rides a Whitley County school bus, you can expect that someone will be at the drop off/pick up site to deliver lunch for the student(s). Someone must be there to receive the lunch. No food will be left on porches etc. In the event that you do not receive a lunch on Monday but would like to get them, please call the following:
Whitley County Schools Food Service 606-549-6349 606-549-6347 or 606-549-6348 or Whitley County Schools Transportation 606-549-7090

We will also have grab and go lunch that can be picked up at Whitley Central Intermediate and all other Whitley County Elementary Schools between 11 am -1 pm during the NTI period.







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