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Filling a Can, Can Spread Some Cheer   

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Whitley County Gifted and Talented Students

The holiday season is a wonderful time to give back to the community and demonstrate a caring and giving attitude toward others. This month, the Gifted and Talented Students in grades 4th-6th throughout the Whitley County School District participated in their first community service project to show others that they were thinking about them and to share some holiday cheer. For the project, students in the program collected items from parents, family friends, staff members, classmates, and community partners to share with other students. Students decorated industrial number 3 cans to place and arrange their small items and then placed their larger items around the can inside a decorated transparent holiday bag.

The benefits of this passion project are twofold. First, the items specifically collected for boys and girls across the district are going to benefit students and bring them unexpectant joy as they receive their gift package. Secondly, the project benefits the 4-6th grade students by helping them to develop empathy and compassion toward others, develop real-world skills such as communication and collaboration with others, and to learn that their individual actions can positively affect the lives of others. Students were excited to get involved in this passion project and demonstrated their willingness by the large number of items that were collected for each child.

Special thanks to our partners who made this project possible. They include students’ parents; students’ families and family friends; staff members at individual schools; staff members of Whitley County Board of Education; Judy Petrey, McKinney- Vento Homeless Liaison; Save the Children Community Engagement; Whitley County Family Resource; cafeteria staff at Boston Elementary and Whitley County Middle School; and the Flower Boutique.

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