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An Important Announcement Concerning Our Return to In-Seat Instruction

As you know we have been planning to return to in-seat instruction on Monday, September 28th.  At the same time, we have been watching the number of COVID-19 cases in our county steadily increase.  As of yesterday, Whitley County is considered a RED county on the metric we have been given by KDE to determine the advisable mode of instruction for our students.  Yesterday, there were 32 COVID-19 cases in Whitley County as reported by our local health department.   This is the highest one day total to date.  After talking with the local health department and local health officials, we feel that returning to in-seat instruction on Monday is not the wise or safe thing to do for our students, their families or our staff.   Most likely if we did go back Monday, it would only be for one week as with numbers this high, it is probable that we would still be RED on Thursday evening and therefore would not be allowed to return the next week.  The benefit of gaining only four days of in-seat instruction does not seem worth the risk it could pose to our community.   We want students back in our classrooms, but having them return when the COVID-19 rates are the highest they have ever been in our county is not what is best for our community.   We appreciate your understanding and support as we continue with online/NTI instruction next week.  Let's all do our part to get the COVID numbers down in our county so we can safely return to school.  More information will be released on this FB page as it becomes available 

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