Whitley Co Boys Basketball Oak Grove Elementary We love staying after school with Mrs. Hopkins for our 21st Century Club. After reading Pout Pout Fish, we made our own Pout Pout Fish to act out parts of the story. Students in Mrs. Jones’ 2nd grade classroom practiced their sight words with a fun game of Sight Word Bingo. Students would spin the sight word wheel and then would mark the correct sight word on their board. 3 correct words in a row got a BINGO! Mrs. Sawyers’ 1st grade class helped make classroom rules today and then pledged “??? I promise to follow these rules” for a successful year! Mrs Mills class using Scientific Methods Ms. Thorpe's Class
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K-PREP Testing Coming Up

K-PREP testing is scheduled for May 14 - May 20.  Below are some helpful tips to keep in mind as we move toward our state assessment:

1. Make sure your child gets an ample, normal amount of sleep the night before the test.

2. Mark testing days on your calendar to help remind you and your child when the testing will take place and plan your preparations.

3. The student should eat a nutritious and filling breakfast. Avoid high sugar cereals which can make the student hyper and/or unfocused.

4. Set aside time each night prior to the test for several weeks to review the concepts that will be covered.

5. Work with teachers and administrators at your child’s school to find materials to work on at home in preparation for the test.

6. Make sure the student is on time (if not early) on the day of testing.

7. Set a backup alarm to avoid the possibility of oversleeping.

8. If you child is sick please contact the school immediately to inform them.





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