1. 1.    Talk with your children as you play, shop, or work around the house. Listen to what they say. Ask questions. When you talk to your children, you are helping them learn to use words.

  2. 2.    Read to your children. Try to read to them at the same time every day. Bedtime or before a nap is a good time. Let them choose the story.

  3. 3.    Let the children see you read. That is the best way to show them that you think reading is important and that you enjoy it.

  4. 4.    Ask older children to read to younger ones. The older children will be proud of their skills. The younger children will want to read like their older brothers, sisters, or friends.

  5. 5.    Go to the library together. Ask the librarian for help in finding books your children will enjoy. If you don’t have a library card, ask for one.

  6. 6.    Give your children books about their special interests. Do they like animals, sports, or magic? Surprise them with books or magazines about their favorite interests or activities.

  7. 7.    Keep books, magazines, and newspapers around your house so you and your children will always have something to read. Read aloud other things you see during the day. Read street signs, milk cartons, cereal boxes, and other signs around your community.

  8. 8.    Plan outings for your children. Children learn from what they see and do. Take them to the park or a parade, or just out for a walk. Schools, churches, and community groups also plan trips that your family might want to go on.

  9. 9.    Say rhymes and sing songs. Rhymes and songs are easy for kids to remember. They can say them and sing them along with the rest of the family. Rhymes also help them learn letter sounds.

  10. 10.  Tell stories about your family and stories you enjoyed when you were a child. Ask grandparents and other family members to tell stories too. Write down some of these stories and ones your children tell. Save them and read them aloud at another time.

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Joan Powell, RIF Coordinator




606-549-7050 ext. 3210


Reading Is Fundamental is a children's and family nonprofit literacy organization program that prepares and motivates children K-12 to read by delivering free books and literacy resources to children and families.  Whitley County’s RIF program involves children in fun literacy activities and distributes each child in the district a free book three times each year.

How to Help Your Children Become Readers
When you open a book with your children, you are opening the world for them. You are making them think and wonder, and want to know more. You are helping them to do well in school. Best of all, you are enjoying and spending time together as a family.  Here are ways to get your little ones interested in books and help them learn skills that will lead to reading.

Whitley North
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    Receiving free books truly is a fun event! Students can pick out a FREE book to take home as their own. 

    In October, students at Whitley North learned about an art technique called collage. They created a fall leaf collage and framed it for display at their school. Students also listened to some awesome scary Halloween stories. 
    One of their students, Hannah Taylor, had this to say about the RIF Giveaway. “I think it is very generous of everyone responsible for helping us to get free books.  I had a very good time creating a fall collage and loved the ghost stories!”

RIF Book Giveaways

are normally scheduled during

the last week of October,

the week before Christmas break,

and the second week of February. 

Whitley Students Love RIF Giveaways!

Students at Whitley North read “The Little Match Girl” and The Steadfast Tin Soldier” in the Library and learned about author, Hans Christian Andersen.  These stories were written in Andersen’s native country, Denmark.  During the second R.I.F giveaway, students learned how to make a traditional Christmas ornament from Denmark.  Each student was able to take a free book, candy, bookmark and their own Danish Woven Heart ornament.