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What is Community Education?

Our Mission, as a combined effort of community resources, is to provide lifelong educational opportunities for every citizen in the Whitley County community. With lifelong learning as its cornerstone, community education provides a systematic way for the entire community to work together to solve community problems.

Community Education Beliefs

bullet Education is a lifelong process.
bullet Schools are the appropriate centers of learning in the community.
bullet All community members must share responsibility for creating a learning society.
bullet Citizens have a right and responsibility to be involved in identifying community needs and resources and in helping make the decisions to establish programs to serve community needs and solve community problems.
bullet Community agencies and organizations should work together in improving community life.
bullet Parents, especially, should be intimately involved in the learning process of their children-both in the school setting and at home.
bullet Volunteers and the private sector should be involved in the educational life of a community.

To learn more about Community Education, check out the following links:

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Kentucky Community Education Association - www.kycea.org


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