WCCP Lisa Sweet's St. Patrick's Day activity Mrs Davis' class is read to by Mr. Matt Davis Turkey for Tokyo 100 Days Smarter Mrs. Eva Partin's classroom read the book the Three Little Pigs.  Mrs. Ashley Mays preschool class made slime!  WCCP Construction Learning Mrs. Erika Gabbard's Preschool class have been learning about Construction. 

WCCP Christmas Around the World!  Mexico! WCCP Insta Snow Powder WCCP Monthly Reading Celebration Today at WCCP our Preschool had Grinch Day WCCP Christmas in Germany Lexington Children's Theatre Came to Primary Whitley Central Primary are so Proud and Thankful for our troops! WCCP Celebrated "Lights On After School." Preschool collaborated with the Whitley County Public Library to talk about "Home." 
Whitley County EMS came out to visit our Preschool. 
Whitley Central Primary students with Goldbug Fire Department Pumpkin Patch visit K-2 Flag Football Kayaking for Kids Project Donation WCCP staff hold fundraiser! Mrs. Barbara Cox's class showing support for 911 Welcome to Whitley Central Primary Whitley Central Primary WCCP Grades PreK-2nd WCCP at the Museum
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Students in Mrs. Sams 1st grade class at Whitley Central Primary can tell you. As part of a CER (Claim, Evidence, Reasoning) activity, students predicted at what temperature a crayon would melt and how long they thought it would take using a common household hair dryer. Students first determined things they knew: A crayon is a solid, and a solid can change to a liquid when there is heat.  Using their prior knowledge and crayons glued to a canvas in sections labeled “low,” “medium,” and “high,” students predicted how long it would take for the melting to begin. Students discovered that the higher the heat setting was on the faster the crayons melted. Student also discussed other things that might cause a crayon to melt and how long it might take.

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